Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mini Haul: NYX/BH Cosmetics

Hey guys! How was your week??

Mine was filled with a 6 page paper on medieval lit, and waiting for my NYX and BH Cosmetics orders to come in! I love shopping online, but I hate paying for shipping, and waiting to receive the items...hahaha so basically I just love paying for things online!

So a week ago..or two at this point I can't even remember when I made the order! I bought these lovelies from both websites:

I had to play with the lighting a bit to get capture what it really looks like!
Slide On Pencil: Total dupe for the Urban Decay 24/7 liners! and about half the price!! I want them ALL! It's super smooth and glides on easily. The gray color is beautiful and creates a nice softer look with spring coming up! It's not overly metallic so it's perfect for daytime with just a nude eye and some mascara. Or even on the bottom waterline with a smokier lid!

Sex Bomb/ Adorable Palette: I love these little palettes! I bought the
Smokey palette in December and his has this wonderful dark blue that I love so I also got these two! Sex Bomb caught my eye because of that red! Unfortunately I swatched it and it was very peachy :( Oh wells it's still a pretty color! Adorable just looked super natural and cute because of that pink which I haven't swatched but I'm scared because pinks do not tend to work on my skin....fingers crossed for that one!

Jumbo Lip Pencil: so lately I've had this like intense want to have super dark lips. So I ordered this pencil (It's actually a pencil and lipstick in one) and holyyyy is it MAROON! It's a dark browney-red but it still looks very much like a red lip. It would look great and dramatic with smokey eyes and a bit of lip gloss in a similar shade. 

Pop Art Brushes: They're so cute!! This is obviously super first impression, but they're really soft and seem sturdy! The colors are absolutely gorgeous, but they're definitely small brushes so don't expect a giant fluffy powder brush (In fact, the brush with the lightest pink handle is the powder brush). I with they were bigger bigger but their adorable!

M-Tip: Wash you're brushes before using them! You don't know where they've been....well unless you do then go for it! ;) haha

Tropical Matte Palette: I have been wanting this palette foreeeever! I just think it's such a good mix of colors for day and night! Some of the colors actually seem a bit shimmery already so I don't know if I'll be purchasing shimmer version. Pigment; BEAUTIFUL! My sister purchased a palette from Ebay because we'd heard that they're basically the same thing but every color came out matter how much either of us packed on so either she got a particularly horrible product..or there is a difference with the brand names..

Sorry I don't have swatch photos! Dorm lighting+not so great camera= not very much color pickup

That's it for today! What are your favorite NYX and BH Cos. products? 

Happy Sunday!

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