Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Acne Journey: My Acne Triggers

Long time no see!

Today I want to talk about the different things that cause acne for me and my family members. So one Google search will tell you that scientifically there's nothing to say that the things you eat has an effect on acne.

Well, according to my face, my mother's face, and my brother's face, that's so not true it's funny!

M-Tip: A HUUUGE part of the journey to healthier skin is recognizing what causes your breakouts and staying away from them.

Now obviously, you can't avoid all triggers (premenstrual and hormonal breakouts) but learning what your controllable triggers are and keeping an eye on them will save you and your skin a lot of grief!

I have found that my diet (daily eating habits) has an enormous impact on my skin, different foods affect me differently and sometimes not at all.

Dietary Trigger: PEANUTS! Not nuts in general, just Peanuts specifically.

 Now I don't know why this is (as with most  of these things), but I'm guessing I may have a very mild allergy. I figured this out because my mom kept talking about how much she loves peanuts, but they used to make break her out a lot. I, of course, was like "Yeah whatever the internet said food doesn't affect acne!" That was until I ate a bunch of peanuts as a snack one day in high school and my skin was honestly bumpier than a mountain range! It was crazy and I definitely have stayed away from them. At first I thought it was all nuts but I've done some experimenting with Almonds and Walnuts I didn't get any more breakouts that than usual so Nutella and Banana Nut Muffins are always on the table!

I also eat peanut butter only when my cravings are thiiiiisss close to killing me. I'm thinking about trying almond butter...thoughts?

Cosmetic Trigger: FRAGRANCE

Almost everything I use on my face is fragrance free because 1. I get migraines preetttyy easily, and 2. Fragranced cosmetics for me are like asking for a round of acne that will take months to clear up....NO THANK YOU! Scented lotions, and scrubs are an absolute no no.

Skincare Product Trigger: SPF

In my attempts to keep my skin looking nice and prevent new scaring, I bought the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 35 and wore it every day under my makeup. WORST IDEA EVER! My face went crazzyyyyyy and I knew it wasn'y anything because it was the only new product I was using. I've had this experience with a lot of SPF facial products except for the Covergirl Queen All-Day Flawless Foundation. I've been using it since September and so far so good!

**I actually need some recommendations for a moisturizer with SPF that wont break me out, so help plz!?

Lifestyle Trigger: DEHYDRATION

I have to drink water more than anything else, plain and simple! I feel like water clears out my system and my skin always looks a little less gray and rough when I've been keeping up with my water intake.

Extra triggers from my family:

Washing your face too often, Butter, Processed cheese (Easy Mac), and STRESS

That's my schpeel for today, I have a NYX Haul coming up soon!

Sorry about last week, I had two midterms, which I think should be called quarterterms but anyway, and life kinda got crazy but I'm back!

Have a nice day/night and I will see you next time!


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