Friday, February 7, 2014

New Semester, New Cleanser!

Happy Friday!!

So if any of you are like me at all, a new face routine absolutely has to match the beginning of a new life event right?? Alright, alright that's not true! But somehow I always find myself doing some face research and shopping at the beginning of new semesters, and what to you know? Spring 2014 is here!! So my face has been pretty nice to me lately("nice" meaning no monstrous breakouts or a million of them at once) So I decided to get away from products targeted specifically at acne and head toward products that would just deep cleanse really well. So I'm hoping cleaner healthier skin=less frequent breakouts, and cleaner smaller pores.

M-Tip: Chasing a completely breakout/bump-free face is a journey that will probably end in least that's what I've been learning. Everyone gets breakouts, you goal should be to decrease frequency and severity. 

So what have I been rubbing all over my face?? Well Biore's new Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I stumbled upon it on the Biore website while I was looking for a full face version of their pore strips. I have to say I wanted to buy it from the moment I saw the word "charcoal" because waaaahhhh?? You mean those pebbles we BBQ on?? (btw I'm the easiest marketing weak)

 I was also looking for something with a pump so I use it easily in these freakishly tiny dorm showers. There weren't very many reviews (maybe like 2?) on it, so I took a chance....and boy did it pay off!! Seriously! This is a lot to claim after a week and a half of use but out. So the first time I used this product I used it with St. Ives Green Tea Scrub (next post!). Before I used it my face felt very gritty and you could see my full-than-full pores (it was gross) and no matter how much I squeezed, washed, they would never go away!
Pumps out black!

I kid you not, after using the scrub (gently) and the cleanser afterwards, my face felt smooth and clear and well, like skin! I was so excited!! I still am! It''s crazy what a good deep cleanser will do for you! Almost two weeks later and my pores are still clean and looking better than ever before....and now how to make them appear smaller!